Senator Bob Corker Says NSA Should Be Spying On More Americans, Not Fewer

Senator Bob Corker, who heads the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, appears to now be calling for the NSA to spy on more Americans, rather than fewer, arguing that the metadata collection program that is currently being debated in Congress is so small that he considers it negligent.

“It’s almost malpractice,” Corker said at a breakfast for reporters hosted by The Christian Science Monitor. “That’s the best word I can use to describe the amount of data that is being collected.”

Corker, who said the NSA’s data collection needs to be “ramped up hugely”, was reacting to a closed-door briefing that national security officials held Tuesday to brief senators on federal surveillance programs….


“I think there was an aha moment (Tuesday) for people on both sides of the aisle when we realized how little data is being collected…. It’s beyond belief how little data is part of this program, especially if the goal is to uncover terrorists.”

Now, this is the same Senator Corker who originally was quite disturbed when he first heard about the very same program after it was leaked by Ed Snowden (suggesting he was completely unaware of it prior to it leaking, despite being a Senator). Back in June of 2013, he sent an angry letter to the President about how such “broad collection” raised “extremely serious concerns.”

But now he thinks the NSA should actually be spying on more Americans? It sounds like the NSA briefing that was just given to Senators was designed to really ramp up the fear-mongering.

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