Universal Music Takes Down Maroon 5’s Own Video With A Copyright Claim

This seems to happen every few months or so, but once again, a record label is causing a big name musical act to have its own video blocked from showing up on YouTube. As you may have heard, Maroon 5 recently released a new single, entitled “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like A Motherfucker” — and with it, a video that has been getting lots of attention. So, you might want to go check it out on YouTube, but if you do that right now, you’ll be presented with this (ht: @RomanOnARiver): Ooops. Yes, that’s Maroon 5’s official YouTube channel and the official video for their new single which has been getting lots of press attention and already had nearly 1.5 million views. But now it’s getting none, because the band’s own label has yanked the video via a copyright claim (most likely via a braindead use of YouTube’s Content ID system). The band is signed to Interscope, which is a subsidiary of Universal Music. Gotta wonder how that’s working out for them, if their own label is yanking down their own official video just as it’s getting lots of attention. Isn’t copyright great?

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